Enterprise Resource Planning for the rest of us

Free Invoicing and Billing

Send up to thirty invoices a month to any number of customers, free of charge. We will also send statements and reminders to the late payers. We can show you who is late, and if you wish, can place them on credit-hold if they step outside their agreed terms. From one screen, you can see who owes you money and how much.

Rein in those pesky late-payers.

Bank Reconciliation

Upload a bank statement and we will reconcile it against your orders, customer payments, charges, and everything else. Have up to date accounts without the hassle. View all your bank statements online. Drill down to the very journal item from any given bank statement and find the order, invoice, or journal entry associated with each line in your bank statement.

Take the pain out of managing your bank accounts.

Purchasing / Ordering

Never run out of shipping envelopes again! Our ERP system will automatically create draft purchase orders when you run low on stock. Receive an order from your customer, and the draft PO will be created to back-fill out of stock products. Manage your inventory and get the stock room under control. Order only what you need.

This is "just-in-time," just for you.

Online Store Integration

Whether you sell via Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or other online retailers, we can integrate your online store with your ERP to manage your accounts and your stock. Not only that, we can stage-manage the entire process from automatically integrating your online store order with our ERP, creating a sales order in the system, emailing the confirmation to your new customer, managing inventory and stock-picking, delivery notes, and invoicing.

See all your sales channels in one, integrated place.

Financial Reporting & Accounting

Want to know how you're doing? You are one click away from up-to-the-minute accounts. Trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow. All those things you need to worry about, integrated into a single place. Now, when your accountant asks for your accounts, a single download will give her all the data she needs.

Accounting demystified. All in a days work for Beanie.

VAT Return / End of Year Account filing

When it comes to your end of year Government obligations, you can sleep easy. We can handle the automatic filing of VAT returns and tax returns. No more late notices. More and more Governments are looking for greater and greater reporting detail, from harmonized tariff schedules to intra-EU trading data. Just more headaches for your business. We can track the shipments, countries, intra-EU trading, and a range of other interesting facts to keep the bureacrats happy.

With Beanie, say goodbye to late penalties!

Now you can have the benefits of ERP
without the costs

We offer a variety of pricing options. If you just want to send invoices to your customers, and follow up on late payments, there is no charge. Ever. We don't want your credit card number or your first-born. Use Beanie to manage billing and payments forever, free of charge.

Our paid plans are tailored to suit your needs. If you've outgrown invoicing and billing, step up to the next level with a small monthly fee. Pay for what you use. As your business grows, you can move up to more and more advanced levels of Enterprise Resource Planning. We'll be there for you, handling your back-office, big or small.

Integrate with your Online Store

We offer a wide variety of integrations with common e-commerce platforms. We can manage the order flow from automatically importing the customer information and orders from your chosen e-commerce platform, through emailing your customers with an order confirmation, delivery note, and sales invoice. We can automatically order new stock to complete an order, or to replenish stock levels from your daily orders.

Get Started

Stop worrying about the back-office and get busy doing what you love.

Selling online can be a challenge. It's not enough to know whether you have the right stock on hand. You also need to make sure you have the correct quantities. You need to manage your sales orders. Manage your relationships with your credit customers. Manage your relationships with your suppliers. Make sure you stay on top of your filing and tax return obligations. Make sure you don't end up with old or obsolete stock. It's a mine field!

Beanie ERP is here to help. Here to take care of the mundane, day-to-day processes involved in your business. Processes you might not even realise you need. On top of all that, it provides a dashboard with a single world-view telling you how you are doing. Are sales going up? Is business good? Need detail - drill down as deep as you want.