Enterprise Resource Planning for the rest of us

Invoicing and Billing

Send up to five invoices per month to any number of customers free of charge. Beanie Automated Concierge can follow up payments with statements and reminder notices. Allow Beanie to place overdue customers on credit-hold where credit terms are breached. Monitor ageing invoices on your dashboard. All your quotations, sales orders, delivery dockets and sales invoices easily accessed from the cloud.

Reduce debt collection time, and increase customer receipts.

Bank Reconciliation

Automate posting of transaction records by importing your bank statements. Use our simplified work space that’s easy to populate. Improve speed and accuracy with the matching process. View all your bank statements online. Drill down through journal items to follow receipts and payments. Store all your bank statements online.

Take complexity out of your administration.

Purchasing / Stock Management

Track your expenses by storing documents on the cloud. Beanie Automated Concierge service can automatically raise a purchase requisition when you run low on stock. Create and maintain BOMs (Bills of Materials). Manage stock using multiple units of measure and pricing. Maintain cost effective production runs, optimize inventory levels, and plan next production orders. Monitor ageing stocks on your dashboard.

All in an (automated) day’s work for Beanie’s Concierge.

Online Store Integration

Integrate Beanie ERP with your online store at Whether you sell via Shopify, Amazon, or eBay, to manage your accounts and your stock. Beanie automated concierge service creates a sales order in the system using your customers clicks, emails a confirmation to your newly registered customer, manages inventory, stock-picking, delivery notes, and invoicing. Ask our customer service about upcoming integrations.

See all your sales channels in one place.


Drill down from standard reports for visibility into all areas of your business. Configure Beanie’s dashboard to present you with your favourite metrics. Allow your professional advisor access to your records.

Financials demystified.

VAT Return / End of Year Account filing

Beanie reminds you to approve automatically generated VAT and intra-EU returns. Beanie ERP allows uploading of all invoices to Beanie Cloud.

With Beanie, say goodbye to late penalties!

Get the benefits of ERP at an affordable price

We offer a variety of pricing options. If you just want to send invoices to your key customers, there is no charge. Let Beanie Automated Concierge help you manage billing and payments on our affordable Basic package.

Our paid plans are tailored to suit your needs If you've outgrown invoicing and billing, step up to the next plan with a monthly fee. Now you have more time to develop your business, you can move up to the more advanced levels of Enterprise Resource Planning as and when you need them. Beanie Automated Concierge will be there for you, supporting your back-office tasks, big or small.

Integrate with your Online Store

We offer a wide variety of integrations with common e-commerce platforms. We can manage the order flow from automatically importing customer information and orders from your chosen e-commerce platform, through emailing your customers with their order confirmations, delivery notes, and sales invoices. We can automatically order new stock to complete an order, or to replenish stock levels from your daily orders. Talk to our customer service agents about upcoming integrations.

Get Started

Stop worrying about the back-office and get busy doing what you love.

Selling online can be a challenge. It's not enough to know whether you have the right stock on hand. You also need to make sure you have them in the correct quantities. You need to manage your sales orders, delivery notes and still have time to maintain relationships with customers. The Purchase cycle is equally time consuming.

Beanie ERP is here to help. Beanie Automated Concierge can take care of many of the repetitive, day-to-day administrative processes that absorb your time, leaving you less time for selling and driving your enterprise. Together with Beanie Automated Concierge your dashboard provides you with a single world-view telling you how you are doing. Are sales going up? Is my stock getting old? How are my debtors behaving?