The Awkward Truth of ERP Costs

Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) is traditionally not cheap. Evaluating competing systems, it is easy to focus on just the license cost. However, when you convert a business environment from a legacy system to a full ERP system, the costs can spiral. Legacy systems can range from paper documents through to a conglomeration of software systems which don't inter-communicate, and which often have their own idiosyncrasies. While most businesses feel they are "just like everyone else," when you start drilling down into the minutiae of business operations, a true picture emerges.

Traditional ERP software companies approach this in two ways. Firstly, they make their systems highly customizable to try and cater for the unique needs of every business. Secondly, they use large teams of consultants to implement the solution. The result is a highly complex, tailor-made solution, and a large bill for professional services. This also excludes the impact to your business while you spend anywhere from two to five years converting your legacy systems over to this new ERP system. There are many stories of ERP deployments failing after long and costly implementations. You would not be the first to wonder if the entire operation had been a costly mistake.

At Beanie ERP, we think there is an easier way.

First off, we use an approach called "opinionated software." We are not out to please everyone, you'll be glad to know. Software which claims to be malleable and which can handle every known use case, rarely does what it claims. Where it can deliver, the result is usually expensive and unwieldy.

We focus on the areas of your business which are similar or identical to other businesses in the same sector. We tailor-make custom parts of the site not for your particular business, but for you and everyone else in the same sector. This means you don't have to pay for expensive, bespoke customizations. You don't need an army of consultants to make it work in your environment. An example of this is our Shopify integration. We can automatically synchronize your product catalog with Shopify. When you receive an order from your online store, the sales order appears in Beanie. If you are low or out of stock, Beanie will arrange for a purchase requisition. Once you approve the order, it is sent to your supplier. When the goods arrive in stock, a delivery note is created and forwarded to your shipping department. They can then pick the order from stock, and complete the order. We will send an invoice and a delivery note to your customer. If you don't use Shopify, none of this matters to you. Equally, we have other components in the system which may be of more use to your particular business needs.

If you really do have unique business needs which cannot be addressed by our system, we expose a comprehensive API so you can develop your own integrations with our system. If you have your own work management system, you can integrate it. Or not. The point is, you can get the benefits of ERP without the exorbitant costs.

The other way we reduce your costs is by layering our service offerings. Rather than trying to convert all of your business over to ERP in a long weekend (which could run into months if not years!), we invite you to move a small portion of your business to Beanie ERP. We can take care of your invoicing, billing, dunning, and account credit control functions without much in the way of configuration.

Start today. Move one small part of your business to Beanie ERP and we think you'll see the benefits immediately. Migrate the rest of the business in easy-to-manage phases.

If you want to know what Beanie costs, have a look at our easy to understand pricing page. There are no hidden costs. We don't have a secret team of expensive consultants waiting to be billed out at extravagant prices. We will of course help you to get on the platform, but that is included in the price.

Why choose a legacy ERP system with all the hidden costs and possibilities for failure. Choose Beanie ERP today and get started.