Beanie ERP - The Online Guide


Beanie ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system. What Beanie wants to do is remove all the hassle and tedium out of running your business. For example, arranging for orders to be sent to suppliers, satisfying orders from your customers, invoicing those customers, reconciling bank balances, maintaining proper stock levels, filing VAT returns, managing your accounts, and so on.

We know that you work hard to keep your business afloat. We know that after a long day of dealing with customers and suppliers, getting products out the door and chasing down late payers, the last thing you want to do is have to update the accounting system.

Beanie ERP wants to take the pain away.


By tracking the activities of your business, controlling purchases and sales, credit, dunning, and bank reconciliation. By making sure you always have just the right amount of stock on-hand to make your products and to fulfil your orders.

We'll remind you when you need to download a bank statement and automatically reconcile it. We will remind you when your tax returns are due. We will let you know how your debtors are doing, and which ones could be an issue. We will also let you know how your business is doing, each and every day.

You can upload any electronic documents you receive, and our machine-learning systems will attempt to process them and extract the relevant information. From online bank statements, through supplier invoices, and expense receipts.

We're here to try and make your life easier.